Artist Statement:

I came to making washi through my fascination and appreciation of Japanese aesthetics, philosophies of wabi sabi, and yûgen, and my passion for organic materials. Many years spent collecting dye plant materials for loom weaving and basketry easily translated into using some of the same dye plants to add color and texture to handmade paper. The ancient art of papermaking, for me the process of weaving with water, fiber and a screen, has been the creative thread of my artistic process for over two decades.

My artwork is inspired by mother-nature's 'installations' formed by water, wind, light and dark. Patterns in nature, textures and seasonal changes have always played an important role in my art practice where inspiration and internal wisdom is transformed into sculpture. Eastern philosophy and aesthetics provide a container in which I focus my attention on creating work that speaks to concepts of 'the spaces between'. I explore my perception of a sense of place and my relationship to that place.

The practice of merging art + life and the concept of art as a healing force has brought me closer to embodying a fuller sense of myself as maker. Engaging others in exploring their creative process has been a profound teacher in the sense of how creativity is limitless and unique. By allowing creativity to emerge one can engage in its potency providing a path to healing on a deep psychological level.

The sculpture I create are small installations made with rattan, Japanese style handmade paper, cast flax and silk fiber, sometimes embellished with mono-prints infused with indigo, sumi ink and handmade ink/stains from plant material.

Surface Design Association
New Mexico Fiber Artists Directory
International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists
MADE Contemporary Craft, California
Still Point Arts Quarterly
West Marin Review
Solitude was published in 2018 by Shanti Arts.